Akai MPC Studio 2 Music Production Controller For MPC Software

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  • Akai MPC Studio 2 Music Production Controller For MPC Software
  • Akai MPC Studio 2 Music Production Controller For MPC Software
  • Akai MPC Studio 2 Music Production Controller For MPC Software

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16 Full Size Velocity Sensitive RGB Pads ensure maximum expression and control for notes, chords, and percussion

Color LCD offers visual feedback for browsing samples, editing wave forms, and adjusting parameters

Touch Strip Controller for dynamic real-time controland manipulation of knobs, sliders and parameters for creating your own signature sounds

3.5mm (⅛-inch) MIDI I/O for seamless integration with MIDI devices and hardware

USB Bus Powered controller offers portable music production

A Full DAW experience including MPC2 Software for limitless creative possibilities and rendering finalized polished masters

MPC Studio is a Complete MPC System

MPC Studio brings the total MPC experience to your computer by combining intuitive hardware control and innovative, inspiring software. Load a loop from the library, chop it into samples, lay down a beat, then play instruments over it toadd more melodic textures. Add some insert effects to develop your song structure and arrangement, or to build dropsand transitions. MPC Studio makes your workflow one continuous stream of non-stop creativity.

Premium Pads for Perfect Production

Pad performance is the top priority for any beat maker. With MPC Studio, you can be confident that every beat and note will be right on time, every time. Velocity-sensitive RGB pads mean maximum expression, whether you’re playing soft melodies or booming kick drums with colored visuals to keep track of your velocities and pad groupings. Switch from Note to Chord Mode quickly and build out your tracks right as inspiration strikes.

Assignable Touch Strip Control and Expression

Create your own signature sounds with the assignable Touch Strip. This fluid controller bends and shapes your sounds however you want. Make that pad synth more mysterious with a swell, control the roll of your hi-hats to fill your trap drumbeat, or make that guitar part more realistic by articulating the strum right where you need it. Assign any of the numerous knobs, sliders, and parameters to the Touch Strip for new and inventive manipulation of any track. Add dynamic and real-time Touch Strip effects for the ultimate live production and performance.

Color Screen for Vibrant Feedback

When you’re locked in the creative moment, the vibrant color screen ensures you can keep your hands on the MPC Studio and your focus on the music. Whether you need to trim a waveform, browse through instruments, samples, and plugin presets, or adjust parameters on the fly, the screen gives you the visual feedback you need in a moment’sglance without having to stop your workflow and reach for your laptop. When it comes to your musical efficiency, every moment matters, and every move needs to help you effectively capture your ideas to finish your songs faster.

World-Class Plugins & Effects

MPC Studio includes an extended palette of sounds, instruments, drum samples, loops, insert effects, and much more to both spark your creativity and complete any music project or task. With over 100 instrument and effects plugins combined, MPC Studio can tackle any style or genre of music with rich, inspiring sound. The modern-day beat making insert effects plugins are powered by award-winning AIR Music Tech. with powerful editing, arranging, and mixing tools including the AIR Vocal Suite. Create, record, and mix the perfect vocals with the Vocal Suite to add everything from pitch correction, to harmonizing, to thickening your vocals and audio tracks with the AIR Doubler.

Includes MPC2 Software

Akai Professional’s acclaimed MPC2 Software works seamlessly with MPC Studio for the ultimate beat making and music production experience. This cutting-edge production suite and DAW combines 128-track sequencing capability, real-time time stretching, advanced MIDI editing capability, VST compatibility, and numerous plugin instruments and Insert Effects for creating and mastering professional finished songs and tracks. MPC2 software has a dedicated set of plugins to record and produce the perfect vocal recordings with the AIR Vocal Suite including automatic vocal tuning, vocal doubling, and vocal harmonizing. Legendary plugin instruments including AIR Hype, AIR Mellotron, AIR Solina, and WayOutWare Odyssey, among others, offer a plethora of world-class sounds and presets to sculpt the perfect mastertrack. A massive suite of modern plugin Insert Effects powered by AIR Music Tech — including a Limiter for finalizing tracks— rounds out the infinite music and beat making possibilities.

Includes Loop Content From - Decap, F9 Audio, Mvp Loops, Rawcutz, Snipe Young, and more.


  • Pads (16) velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, RGB-backlit(8) banks accessible via Pad Bank buttons Knobs
  • Knobs (1) 360° push encoder for display navigation and selection
  • Touch Strip (1) multi-function 5.5” (140 mm) touch-capacitive controller with LED indicators
  • Buttons (39) LED backlit dedicated function buttons
  • Display Full-color LCD
  • Connections (1)⅛-inch (3.5 mm) MIDI input(1)⅛-inch (3.5 mm) MIDI output(1) USB Type-B port
  • Power via USB
  • Dimensions (width x depth x length) 12.0” x 6.7” x 1.5”305 x 171 x 37mm
  • Weight 1.8 lbs.0.83kg
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