Audio Interfaces & Recorders

Audio Interfaces & Recorders

Whether you want to start podcasting and streaming online or want to bring your musical ideas to life with outstanding audio quality, you need a professional audio interface. Audio interfaces are an absolute necessity today for those who want to faithfully convert sound into high-quality digital audio. Easily capture clean and crisp sound from microphones and electric instruments with a level of clarity you never thought possible, and take your songwriting and music composition abilities to the next level.

High-Quality Streaming
Successful streaming sessions hinge on audio quality that keeps your audiences engaged. Single and dual XLR audio interfaces bring the absolute best mic preamp quality to give your microphone the clarity and warmth your audiences crave. They also provide versatility for streamers who want to run multiple audio sources or have total control over their monitoring with a close-to-zero latency for a seamless streaming experience.

Faithful Recording for Songwriters
Give your recordings the quality they deserve and rediscover the love for creating music. Bring professional sound to your home studio and start recording crystal clear and powerful audio tracks directly into your DAW with our portable USB audio interfaces. Capture bright and transparent sound from your instruments and vocals, delivering hi-res audio right into your PC, Mac, or smart device for enhanced versatility.

Professional Studio Audio
Get multi-channel professional audio interfaces for incredible quality and versatility. With enough line instrument inputs to record a full band, and usb audio connectivity, you can turn your laptop into a powerful recording station and bring your studio with you anywhere. EMI Audio offers a wide range of audio interfaces for musicians, sound engineers, and streamers. Get the right interface for your unique needs and start recording professional tracks right away, or gain total control over the sound quality of your streaming.

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