Looking to trade in or sell some old gear?

Send us an email letting us know the following -

  • Brand & Model
  • Approximate date of original purchase
  • Was it purchased from EMI Audio?
  • Any blemishes or known defects?
  • Looking for cash, store credit or an upgrade?
  • Attach photos of your gear. Try to have good lighting and include photos of any blemishes or defects. This helps get you an accurate quote before you come into the store

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is my gear valued? - Our trained specialists let the market tell us what something is worth using used gear sites like and The seller is then given a percentage of the market value in store credit or cash within 1 business day. Percentage depends on variables like age, condition and current supply & demand
  • What items does EMI Audio purchase? - EMI Audio is looking for pro audio and lighting equipment! Specifically items that we sell or rent like DJ controllers, powered PA speakers and subwoofers, wireless, corded and recording microphones, DJ FX lights and more!
  • What is required for trade ins? - You will need a valid driver's license and you must be 18+ years old to trade in or sell gear to EMI Audio