Professional Audio Video & Lighting Installation

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Design & Installation Services Include:

Church & House of worship
Schools & Universities
Bars, Nightclubs & Hospitality

Live stream remote PTZ camera systems
Video projectors & screens
Advanced modeling and acoustic design
Sound system Installation
Hourly training at your location
Live audio equipment sales
Licensed, bonded and insured
Covid safety is our priority
Install guarantee with free loaners
Friendly support staff after the sale
Full service maintenance and repair
Wireless mic configuration

The EMI Audio Install Guarantee
Any installation work that EMI Audio performs is warranted for one year. All EMI Audio systems come with a lifetime rush repair and free loaner guarantee. Should any of the equipment that you purchase from EMI Audio need to be repaired, your equipment will be rushed to the front of our repair schedule. Should that item not be repairable immediately, a free loaner will be provided.

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St Paul since 1973
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