Wireless Microphones

Wireless Microphones

In environments where mobility and sound clarity are paramount, wireless microphone systems provide incredible quality and versatility for performers and speakers. Move freely about the stage without restriction, and effectively project your voice across the audience without risk of interference or dropouts with professional and versatile wireless microphone systems for church services, conferences, theater, and live performances. 

There is always a wireless solution for your unique needs.

Wireless Handheld Microphones
Handheld mics are ideal for singers and keynote speakers who feel comfortable and reassured with high-quality hardware in their hands, or require more control over the dynamics of their voice. Modern built-in transmitters now offer the same audio quality traditional wired mics deliver without strings attached. Wireless handheld microphones are also the perfect choice for events that require passing the microphone around or taking questions from eager listeners. 

Lavalier Microphones
The number one choice for interviewers, stage actors, and worship leaders. They provide discretion and freedom while ensuring incredible sound quality, delivering crisp and rich vocals that effectively keep audiences engaged. Lavalier microphones have become a staple wireless microphone for church services, gyms, and theater. 

Headset Microphones
When you need tight control over your voice but require greater mobility, headset microphones become a must. Dancers, drummers, and performers with physically demanding acts need a wireless microphone system that faithfully captures their voice directly from the source. 

Instrument Wireless Systems
Give the whole band the freedom to move about the stage without sacrificing sound quality. Musicians love playing on wire-free stages that allow them to focus on their performance without worrying about tripping over cables. The easy setup of wireless systems and their improved battery life make our systems ideal for multiple acts and extended performances.

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