EMI Audio's production crew heads to Duluth MN!

EMI Audio's production crew heads to Duluth MN!

The EMI Audio production crew recently traveled to Duluth to help set up at the DECC for the Allied Charities annual convention. We worked with Stringline Motion Picture Company to create a livestream booth for Pilot Games. This was a fun and unique project that required a quick setup and some improvisation on the day to complete, and our team was up for the challenge!

EMI Audio uses Global Truss pieces and construction could not have gone smoother! In addition to building a booth meant to frame a broadcasting desk, our professional team also mounted three 50" TVs to the structure--two facing out to act as audience displays and one facing the presenters as a confidence monitor. Attaching TV mounts directly to the truss instead of using traditional tripod stands achieved a less cluttered look while also freeing up additional floor space! 

Another exciting aspect of this build included hanging two Chauvet Intimidator Hybrid moving head fixtures that projected custom gobo stencils. These purple kinetic lights added a subtle sense of movement to the set while also raising brand awareness and celebrating Viking colors. 

Overall, EMI's road trip to Duluth was a great success! For more information on how EMI Audio can help your event or organization up your production value, visit us at

Check out our video recap below:

Dec 5th 2022 Chris Slattery

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