Purple Pizza Party with Chauvet DJ

Purple Pizza Party with Chauvet DJ

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for our Purple Pizza Party featuring Chauvet DJ, Iconic Solutions Group and RR Pizza Co!

We wanted this event to be a bit more than our standard Purple Friday, so we asked our friends at Iconic Solutions Group and Chauvet DJ to bring the NEW GigBAR MOVE +ILS by! Pair that with the all NEW ILS lineup and you have one of the coolest and easiest to use light setups. What is ILS? At the push of a button, ILS creates coordinated, light shows across unlimited ILS fixtures with the new GigBAR Move + ILS. The ILS line will surely change the game just as it's predecessor did when it was launched.

Pre-order your ILS package and switch over to the hottest fixtures in the lighting world today! 

Want to learn more about the Chauvet DJ ILS line? Check it out! 


ILS Line

Oct 4th 2022

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