Shure GLXD+ is here!

Shure GLXD+ is here!

The all new, re-designed Shure GLXD+ wireless mic systems are here at EMI Audio! We're excited to bring this new model to our rental and sales department. 

Based on the popular GLXD model, the GLXD+ is revamped and better then ever. The biggest upgrade on the new GLXD+ is the dual band feature which makes signal stronger and more reliable in any environment. 

The GLXD+ still offers the same great design with the rechargeable battery which made the predecessor so popular. Just take the Shure SB904 battery out of the mic and insert it into the GLXD+ receiver in order to charge it! We also recommend picking up a second battery to have charging at all times. This way you're not worried about whether or not you charged the battery before your gig. On the way to the gig but need to charge the battery? Just take a Type C USB cable and charge the mic in any USB jack! 

EMI Audio will be carrying the GLXD24+/ SM58 handheld and the GLXD14+ / 85 bodypack system for rentals and sales. Whether you're a house of worship, DJ, gigging musician or anyone else needing a great sounding and easy to use mic system, the GLXD+ is the way to go! Pick yours up at! 

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Mar 28th 2023 Chris Widing

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